The Digital Children’s Folksongs for Language and Cultural Learning (Folk DC) project is a European Union project designed to motivate young language learners to engage with language learning through using Folk songs, and activities around the songs.

The songs are in 10 European languages (Czech, German, English, Finnish, Roma, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish). The project has producing a complete package for schools (Autonomous Teacher Training Tool kit – ATTT) so that schools all over Europe can take part in the project.

The project culminated in a simultaneous, live concert in 5 countries,
streamed over the Internet to audiences all over Europe. School choirs sang
folk songs in non-native languages that was streamed to the other concert
venues and also made available to an Internet audience. You can see the
recording of the concert below.

Schools can take part in this project by:

  • Singing, recording the project folk songs and adding them to the project wiki 
  • Using the resources produced by the project (ATTT)

You can see more about how you can take part here.

A simultaneous concert took place on the 23rd April 2013 in 5 European
cities (London, Sastamala – Finland, Madrid, Adana – Turkey, Ploiesti -
Romania) featuring school choirs singing European folk songs in 10 different
languages. All the concerts were live linked over the Internet and also live
streamed to an Internet audience of schools across all of Europe.

The concert was the culmination of a three year, European funded, education
project that is uses children’s folk songs, in 10 European languages, as a
tool to motivate primary school learners of the value of learning languages,
to introduce European culture and to engage with listening and music.

Watch the FolkDC sychronious concert in 5 cities

Example video – John John (English folk song):

The project introduces an understanding of the number, richness and culture of other languages when children start to learn a foreign language and begin to understand the meaning of additional languages. It engages children in fascinating and engaging activities that will resonate in to the future and answer the need for materials that can directly engage and motivate children to enjoy their learning.


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Folk Songs of Europe
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