ATTT activities:

These are a wide range of activities, based on the folk songs. They have been piloted in schools acrossEurope.

When you have finished a test of the ATTT it is very important that we
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A set of exciting activities for motivating language learning.

Activity 1  Sing and Act Out  
Activity 2  Fill in the blanks 
Activity 3  Guessing What the Song is About 
Activity 4  Imaginary Languages 
Activity 5  The Silenced Words 
Activity 6  The Missing Words 
Activity 7  Jigsaw Reading 
Activity 8  Let’s Sing and Dance 
Activity 9  Guess the Language 
Activity 10  Mini Project: Our Own Multi-lingual Dictionary 


A set of activities based around the Folk DC songs that wil introduce students to the culture of the Folk DC project’s partner countries.

Acitivity 1a Countries and their musical instruments  Additional materials
Activity 1b Countries and their musical instruments Additional materials
Activity 2 What shall we eat today?  Additional materials
Activity 3 A song and a story 
Activity 4 A children’s story from Europe  Additional materials
Activity 5 Maps and greetings Additional materials
Activity 6 Emailing a friend  Additional materials
Activity 7 Drama Additional materials
Activity 8 Happy birthday!  Additional materials
Activity 9 Legends to tell!  Additional materials


A set of activities based on the Folk DC songs for building listening and sound appreciation skills. These are great basic skills for language learning.

Activity 1 Bat and Moth 
Activity 2 The centre – volume 
Activity 3 The centre – vowel sounds 
Activity 4 The centre – volume 
Activity 5 The centre – combination exercise 
Activity 6 The centre – mood rainbow 
Activity 7 Playing with sounds 
Activity 8 Imagination, rhythms and folk songs 
Activity 9 Familiar scales with foreign words
Activity 10 New scales with familiar words 
Activity 11 Music intervals using body movements 
Activity 12 Drawing music on the back of a fellow classmate 
Activity 13 Mirroring the movements 
Activity 14 Body rhythms 
Activity 15 Vocal echo 
Activity 16  Vocal ball 
Activity 17 Bim bam 
Activity 18 Vocal improvisation in roles 

Breathing exercises 


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