The Mosaic Art and Sound Ltd.LondonUK


  • Çukurova University YADIM,Adana,Turkey
  • Kindersite,LondonUK
  • SastamalaCommunity College,Sastamala,Finland
  • School Inspectorate ofPrahova County,Romania
  • Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres
  • OG,Salzberg,Austria
  • Associazione Seed (silent partner), Lugano, Switzerland

Coordinating Institution

The Mosaic Art And Sound Ltd.LondonUK

The Mosaic is an education provider operating locally in theUKand at international level, founded in 2003 and based inLondon.

The Mosaic has been very active in promoting music and listening as a new source of education.  Its team of researchers designed and delivered practices related to these subjects, which are now used acrossEuropein formal and non-formal education.

The Mosaic develops seminars and in-service training; organizes cultural events and is coordinator and partner of successful European Union projects.

The Mosaic Art And Sound web site



Çukurova University YADIM,Adana,Turkey

ÇukurovaUniversityfounded in 1973, takes its place among the top 5 universities inTurkeywith 10 faculties, 3 schools of higher education, 9 vocational schools, 3 institutes and 28 research and application centers. It has recently been indexed in top 500 universities in the world.

Çukurova University web site



The Kindersite is a company (SME) in the United Kingdom. The Kindersite has the experience in initiating, strategizing, and playing a critical role in 17 EU projects. Many of these projects have achieved excellent scores in their final evaluation.
The primary role of the Kindersite in projects is in producing innovative and effective wide-scale dissemination strategies and completing them. They have a wide-understanding of the role and contribution of technology in education, and language education.

Kindersite web site

SastamalaCommunity College,Sastamala,Finland

SASTAMALACOMMUNITY COLLEGEis a non-profit citizen’s institute providing liberal education. The learners are from 4 years up to 90+ years. The college is set in a rural area. The number of single student registrations is ca. 5500 each year. Anyone can attend the courses irrespective of their age, profession or educational background.

Sastamala Community College web site

School Inspectorate ofPrahova County,Romania

School Inspectorate of Prahova County, Romania under the authority of the Ministry of Education. The main task is to coordinate and to control the schools of all levels in thecountyofPrahova. 271 schools, with 10500 employees, teachers, administrative staff and other staff, and 120000 pupils, from 3 to 19 years. The School Inspectorate has 32 school inspectors.

School Inspectorate of Prahova County web site

Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres,Madrid

The Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres (CECE) is a non-profit employers´ and professional organization founded in 1977. It represents a wide educational sector inSpainfrom nursery school to university level. It has more than 5.000 Education and training centres among its members, among which 400 initial and continuing vocational education and training institutions.

Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres web site OG,Salzberg,Austria is a consultancy for international co-operation with a strong focus on project communication. Web2.0 tools like Weblogs and Wikis are crucial factors for the success of internal and external co-operation and dissemination processes of EU-funded projects. Web2.0 facilitates dialogue, participation and is a key to sustainable networks. Furthermore it promotes Web2.0 literacy with on- and offline workshops.



Associazione Seed (Silent partner), Lugano

Seed, a non-profit company located in Lugano, was born from the belief that an adequate use of ICT and e-learning technologies can make a difference in education and training initiatives in cooperation and development projects: enhancing access, allowing the creation of stable networks, and improving daily working activities. Seed offers expertise, services and technical solutions supporting all the phases of educational cooperation and development projects. seed can work on localized mandates (e.g., identification of instructional needs, a context analysis, or evaluation), or in wide-range partnerships.
Seed has provided expertise and services to partner organizations in several projects, involving different kinds of media: Web sites and Web applications, 3D worlds such as Second Life, printed media and audio. Seed‘s staff took part in different EU projects on research, training or dissemination tasks.

Associazione Seed web site


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